Foam School 2018

In cooperation with Dr. Sthamer H2K organise the Foam School

The Foam School will take place from March 19th to 23th 2018 on the training centre in Vernon France.
This former refinery site, with all its utilities was transformed in a well-equipped centre for realistic training of credible industrial incidents.

The training has been designed for those who have to deal with of have responsibility for emergency response in case of large-scale flammable liquid fire fighting but also for insurance company personnel and fire engineers to gain more insight into fixed and mobile foam systems.

The Foam School is a blend of theory, workshops, demonstrations and practical fire fighting.
The training is provided by instructors from H2K and Dr. Stahmer.

The Foam School is accredited by the not-for-profit JOIFF1 organisation. (

The training program addresses the following topics:

• New developments and insights on foam systems, fire fighting foams and polar solvents
• NFPA 11: Standard for Low-, Medium-, and High-expansion Foam
• EN 1568: Fire extinguishing media, foam concentrates, specification for low expansion foam concentrates for surface application to water-immiscible liquids
• EN 13565: Fixed firefighting systems, foam systems, design and construction and maintenance
• Foam selection: testing, rating, storage and stability and international standards
• Fire fighting foams: fluor free foam concentrates, C6 foam concentrates, legislation and good practises
• Incident scenarios at atmospheric tanks and bunded areas
• Lessons learned
• Demos of fire fighting response with fixed foam systems
• Practical training

The practical training will include training of real onsite tank fire, fire in a bunded area, onsite tank fire, hydrocarbon jet fires and a large-scale ethanol pool fire.

The foam school is a 5-day event commencing at dinnertime Monday. Friday will be a travelling day.

The cost of the Foam School 2018 is € 2.190,00 per person including bunker gear and PPE.

These costs do not include VAT, travel and accommodation. All drinks and meals at the school are included. Registration for the training is possible on the website of H2K ( till February 1.


Accommodation will be provided at hotel Mont Vernon, nearby the training center. Hotel arrangement is made for € 600,00 per person including breakfast and dinner for 4 nights.

Please let us know well in advance of the course if you have diet requirements.

The lessons start every day at 8:30 AM and ends at 5:00 PM.

The training is JOIFF accredited. After the training you will receive the JOIFF certificate 'Foam School 2018’.

or more information about airport transport to Vernon, hotel accommodations, training location and training program please contact H2K.

Participation can be cancelled free of charge, 30 days before the training starts. Afterwards, all costs will be charged. H2K reserves the right to cancel at least 14 days prior to the training in case of insufficient registrations.

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You can register for this training via the link.