Tank and bund fires

H2K and MARSH Risk Consulting have joint forces to set up a training dedicated to Tank and bund fires for tankterminals and petrochemical and pharmaceutical sites with storage tanks. 

This three day, JOIFF1 accredited, training covers the relation between the design of storage tanks, development of credible incidents, fixed and mobile fire protection systems and incident response. Inspection, testing and maintenance of fire protection systems are also addressed during this training.

The training is built around the NFPA codes and standards 11, 15, 16, 25 and 30, while using a performance based process for designing custom made fire protection solutions for various situations, conditions and incident scenarios. The development and options for storage tank fires and bund fires are also discussed in detail during this training.

This training has been designed for those who have to deal with or have responsibility for fire protection systems or emergency response in case of atmospheric storage tanks.


>  Fire protection systems and inspection, testing and maintenance of fixed fire fighting systems

>  New developments and insights on foam systems, fire fighting foams and liquid fires. A workshop of foam clarifies the operation, application and behavior of fire fighting foam

>  Fixed water systems, radiation contours, repressive cooling and water management

>  Incident scenarios at atmospheric tanks and bunded areas

The 3-day training will be organised at the MARSH Risk Consulting office in Rotterdam (The Netherlands). The training will take place on 12, 13 and 14 June 2018. The training is strongly internationally oriented and conducted in English. 

Peter de Roos of H2K and Jeanne van Buren of Marsh Risk Consulting are the two instructors. 
Peter de Roos has long time experience as an instructor for industrial incident response. Jeanne van Buren is a senior consultant who has worked for more than three decades in the high-risk industry as a specialist in industrial (fire) safety.

The cost of the 3-day2 training is € 1,174.00 excl. VAT per person. These costs do not include travel and accommodation. For more information about travelling to Rotterdam, hotel accomodations3 and training location see our website.


Participation can be canceled free of charge, 30 days before the training starts. Afterwards, all costs will be charged

H2K reserves the right to cancel at least 14 days prior to the training in case of insufficient registrations.


1  > JOIFF
3  > Hotel accomodations


You can register for this training via the link.


Route description to MARSH Risk Consulting Rotterdam