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Virtual training

H2K develops, with the help of an innovative virtual training system (RescueSim), scenarios for all levels in the emergency response organization. The virtual training software makes it possible to simulate incidents in a realistic way and to exercise a great number of response strategies.

RescueSim has different base modules catering to the specific needs of an industry.
Each base module has its own extensive library of 3D environments & objects, as well as an instructor toolbox to create specific incident scenarios.

Realistic environments

• Underground
• Highways
• Railways
• High-rise buildings
• Offshore
• Chemical– and petrochemical industry
• Airport- and airplane crashes
• Port- and shipboard incidents

The virtual scenarios are suitable for training sessions at operational, tactical and strategic levels. The system is flexible and dynamic, which makes it possible to influence the incident during the scenarios and/or adapt the incident according to decisions taken. The consequences of actions taken can immediately be visualized on screen.

H2K uses the system for group evaluation of incidents, for training certain procedures or for exercising scenarios.
It is very simple to adapt the scenarios to the specific desires and needs of the client. There is also the possibility to include an entire company site in the virtual system. The procedures and scenarios can then be exercised in a familiar environment.

A complete digital log of all decisions and actions facilitates a detailed analysis and review of the performance. Competences can be measured and results of training sessions can easily be included in an evaluation to offer insight into individual developments.
Because of virtual training sessions it is possible to effectively exercise and develop skills at any site and in a realistic environment.