H2K organiseert een breed pakket praktijktrainingen om de kennis en vaardigheden van repressief brandweerpersoneel verder te ontwikkelen. Met reële en herkenbare incidentsituaties en scenario’s. De trainingen kunnen op locatie worden verzorgd, maar ook op oefencentra. H2K werkt bij de organisatie van trainingen samen met diverse oefencentra in Nederland, België en Frankrijk. Dankzij deze partnerschappen is het mogelijk uiteenlopende incidentscenario’s en specialistische hulpverleningstaken op elke gewenste schaal praktisch te trainen in een realistische omgeving.

Integrated Fire Safety of IBC's & Intermodals

H2K and MARSH Risk Consulting have joint forces to setup the dedicated training course for the management of Fire Safety of IBC’s and Intermodals. This 3-day JOIFF accredited training addresses options for preventing, mitigation and emergency response for incidents with IBCs containing flammable or combustible liquids and Intermodals containing hazardous materials.

Credible incident scenarios involving IBCs with flammable and combustible liquids and Intermodal tank containers and box containers containing hazardous material of UN transport classes 2, 3, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 5.1, 5.2, 6, 8 and 9 are discussed in detail during this training. The training is organised from a performance based perspective, which not only gives each participant the opportunity to identify credible incident scenarios but also to find custom made solutions for the prevention, control and mitigation of the effects of these incidents.

In the past H2K en MARSH Risk Consulting have used the performance based process for the training course Industrial Safety and Emergency Response for tank fires and bundfires. Participants highly appreciated this training which has since been given twice each year.

The Integrated setup for controlling the risks of IBCs and Intermodals takes into account the construction of warehouses (for IBCs), location of outside storage (IBCs & Intermodals), construction of the containers, previsions for the prevention of incidents, detection of loss of containment, mitigation of effects of incidents, any organisational aspects relevant for incidents with IBCs and Intermodals.
H2K and Marsh Risk Consulting have shot videos of fire tests with IBCs and other tests showing the effect of loss of containment and unwise fire response actions. The footage is used to support the understanding of credible incidents with IBCs and to analyse, discuss control and mitigation options for these incidents.

Small scale tests are used during the training to demonstrate the escalation scenarios and behaviour of stacked IBCs during a fire and the effect of deploying fire fighting foam during a fire.

This training is very useful for any person who has direct or indirect responsibility for the identification of credible incidents and control of risks associated with these incidents involving IBCs with flammable
and combustible liquids and Intermodals containing hazardous materials.


Among the references used during this training are, NFPA codes and standards 11, 15, 16 en 30.


• Design and construction of warehouses and outside storage facilities for IBCs
• (Semi)-fixed fire extinguishing systems
• Identification of credible incident scenarios with IBCs and Intermodals containing hazardous materials
• Intermodal for UN class 3 is present during the training, to demonstrate safety provisions the tank container
• Behaviour in composite IBCs during fire exposure
• Behaviour of flammable liquids during a fire when fire fighting foam is applied

The 3-day training will be organized at Spinel Safety Centre in Dordrecht, near Rotterdam (The Netherlands). The training is strongly internationally oriented and conducted in English. 

More information

Information about this training can be obtained by contacting H2K.



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Training in beeld

Training in beeld

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